Introducing Building RevOps

A weekly interview series where we invite a RevOps leader to discuss a particular challenge they faced and the specific tools, processes, and tactics they used to overcome it. 


What's Building RevOps?

Building RevOps is a weekly interview series in which RevOps leaders will walk us through the situation and give actionable insights into what they did and the results. Viewers will walk away from each episode with tangible tools to help you in your everyday RevOps work. 

Episodes will be roughly 15-20 min in length, pre-recorded, and edited before publication. They will be published ungated, with an accompanying blog post giving a synopsis. 

What guests should know:

We will do a quick prep call before recording to discuss the use case you'd like to go over. We'll come up with a pre-decided set of prompts from the host to give you the opportunity to provide as much value as possible. 

On recording day:

We'll schedule a 30 min call to give ourselves enough buffer, though we probably won't use more than 20. The recording is not live, so we will have the opportunity to edit out any parts we'd like before publication. 

Ideally, the guest will have materials to present to help solve the challenge they'll be covering. Extra points if collateral we could provide listeners with download (such as spreadsheets, templates, etc.). 

There will be a ~2 week period between recording and going live, and nothing will be published without final approval.

Interested in Being a Guest?